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About me:

Hello, my name is Andy Bosold.  I am a 3D artist specializing in real-time game art.  Ever Since 2003 when I first had a chance to play around with Maya v3.0 I decided I wanted to pursue a job doing 3D Art.  A few years later I graduated from Vancouver Film School 3D Animation and Visual Effects program.  After school and a small break I decided I wanted to learn more about 3D game art and optimization.  So, I applied to the MechWarrior Living Legends Mod team.  There I met several people from the Industry including a few Crytek employees.  They showed me the ins and outs of Cryengine 2 and before long I assumed the role of a Lead Artist on the MWLL team.  After almost two years of working on the mod and three years for some of the other leads we released MWLL.  Soon after the mod released, our team was lucky enough to win Moddb.com’s Mod of the Year and Multiplayer Mod of The Year.

After working on MWLL I was employed at Valkyrie Entertainment a game industry outsourcing studio in Seattle, Washington.  While At Valkyrie it was my privilege to work on many different titles big and small.  I really enjoyed the challenge of working on so many different types of projects and learning different art styles.

About one Year later I started working at 343 Industries. It is very inspiring and humbling to be working amongst some of the absolute best of the industry. After personally working at 343 Industries nearly two years, Halo 4 has now shipped.

I relatively recently worked on Halo 5: Guardians.

Now I am employed by Wargaming Seattle and working on an unannounced project.

Please feel free to reach out to me for whatever reason.  I often enjoy communicating with people from the industry or aspiring talent.

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