(Last Updated: 1/22/2016, There are several more things I created for Halo 5 but am unable to confirm they have been shown to the general public yet. I'm not sure I'll be able to show those things).


I built the exterior of the Oni Ship.:


For this environment I helped build some of the smaller teal "fractal plants". I did a lot of work on the collision for this area, some plant placement, lots of bug fixing (closing up gaps between geometry many times), adjusting space between gameplay elements and breaking up sections of rocks for the sake of lightmap renders.

I did the initial texture pass on all the brown rocks for this area.  I think many of the larger rocks scaled up to be large ended up using a tile (that I didn’t make).  Some of the textures I created for the rocks remain though and I worked on the icicle textures as well.  I also made the grass that ended up being placed around this area.  Additionally I worked on collision for at least two sections of the environments with this pallet.


Here are a few screenshots of one of the 3D environments I worked on for Halo 5 (beta):

Here is a mix of few extra props and larger environmental pieces I worked on:

For this Barrel I changed the color of the paint on it, added decals and created the damage states trying to use a damaged texture and a clean version only. To avoid extra texture calls. The original barrel was created by another artist.

For This heavily animated forerunner environment I built the two different types of collision for each of the animated pieces (which was a major challenge).  I made sure the hierarchy of the bones and geometry was correct and adjusted things some.  I also reworked a lot of UVs for the geometry that was most likely to be seen by players to make sure it was near to the established texture density.

For Halo 5 I worked on play and bullet impact collision for several areas throughout the campaign, I worked on collision alone for several months. In particular I helped iterate on the design of this one BSP at least six times. I almost completely rebuilt the collision each of those times for the sake of play testing and keeping performance at the target 60 frames persecond as much as possible.

I created the high resolution version of the patterns for this banner and tried to create a texture that would still look good without any roughness or metalness map. The material it was using had vertex animation and didn't allow for a roughness or metalness map.

For this forerunner piece I created the UVs for most of it and added a lot of extra geometry to match the concept art that had been created. It was worked on by at least one other artist before I did major revisions and additions to it. I also did major work on the forerunner environment that is right after this.

I worked on the look development for the large glacial looking prefabs and I did a lot of the texturing work for them.  The final version was color corrected some but I think they still used the textures I worked on.  I worked on a lot of the smaller ‘ice pebbles’ and icicles for this area as well.